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National Fund for

Christian Science Nursing

“Never did gratitude and love unite more honestly in uttering the word thanks than ours...”  Mis. 160:2-4

The Leaves is so grateful for The National Fund for Christian Science Nursing. The Fund was set up in April 2017 and supports individuals who are receiving Christian Science nursing care and cannot pay the full cost of their care. These grants also apply to practitioner fees. 

The NFCSN will support any patient steadfastly seeking spiritual healing through Christian Science. Funds no longer have to hold anyone back from getting the help and support they need. What a gift!


Applications can be made online at or by calling 1-800-873-2843.

More about NFCSN

Visit and learn about:

  • Participating Christian Science Nursing facilities

  • Participating Visiting Christian Science Nursing Service

  • Other financial assistance

  • Their Mission and history

  • Their relationship to The Principle Foundation

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