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Christian Science Nursing Services

The foundation of the care provided at The Leaves can be found in The Manual of The Mother Church:

Christian Science Nurse. Sect. 31. A member of The Mother Church who represents himself or herself as a Christian Science nurse shall be one who has a demonstrable knowledge of Christian Science practice, who thoroughly understands the practical wisdom necessary in a sick room, and who can take proper care of the sick.

The cards of such persons may be inserted in The Chris
tian Science Journal under rules established by the publishers.
(Man. 49:7–16)

Inpatient Christian Science Nursing

Inpatient care is an overnight stay that includes practical and skilled Christian Science nursing care.  All care comes with the expectancy of complete and quick healing.​

Eligibility For Care
  • Relies solely on Christian Science treatment for healing

  • Is receiving treatment from a current Journal-listed Christian Science practitioner

For Inpatient admission – Please call 469-417-8990

Care We Provide:

  • Accepting a case with the expectancy of complete and quick healing;

  • Giving care that is consistent with the theology and ethics of Christian Science;

  • Loving reassurance of God's tender care, ever-presence, and omnipotence; faithfully and consistently acknowledging each individual’s spiritual perfection;

  • Christian encouragement of a patient's appropriate expression of activity and vitality;

  • Reading to or with an individual from the Bible, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures and other writings by Mary Baker Eddy, and additional literature published by The Christian Science Publishing Society;

  • Communication: maintaining an ethical, moral, and loving manner in all communications with the patient, family, friends, Christian Science practitioner, and others; observing ethical and legal requirements with regard to private information about the patient;

  • Surroundings: maintaining an atmosphere that is conducive to spiritual healing and supportive of harmonious care;

  • Personal care and bathing: assisting with all necessary care to meet the needs of cleanliness and comfort;

  • Mobility: assisting with mobility including assisting with standing, walking, moving, and settling with or without mobility aids or comfort items;

  • Nourishment: preparing and modifying food; assisting with feeding; giving appropriate encouragement to eat;

  • Cleansing/bandaging: cleansing, covering and bandaging, to provide for cleanliness, protection, support, and comfort;

  • Instructing the patient or others in providing care for meeting individual needs;

  • Being obedient to the laws of the land.

Helpful Items to Have During a Stay


  • Driver’s License

  • Medicare Card

  • Social Security Card

  • Insurance Card

  • Phone numbers that are important to you

  • Clothing: about 5 casual, comfortable outfits including pants, shirts, socks, shoes, underwear, jacket, sweater, pajamas, robe, slippers

  • Bible Lesson which could include: Bible and Science & Health with markers or Full-Text Bible Lesson

  • Toiletries which could include: toothbrush, toothpaste, denture adhesive/cleaner, hairbrush, razor


If applicable, please bring: glasses, hearing aids, walking aids, cell phone, laptop, tablet, chargers

Items to Leave at Home


  • Dressy Outfits

  • Special Jewelry

  • Cash 

  • Valuables

Outpatient Christian Science Nursing

Outpatient care can be given for a care need in a spiritual atmosphere of thought conducive to healing without staying overnight. A skilled, Journal-listed Christian Science nurse is on duty 24 hours a day, ready to respond to every possible Christian Science nursing need for children, teens, and adults.


Care provided could include:

  • Cleansing and bandaging wounds

  • Instructing in proper care for meeting individual physical needs

  • Fitting and instruction on the use of temporary aids, such as walkers, crutches, slings or wheelchairs

If follow-up care at home is needed, local and nationally-based Christian Science nurses are listed in The Christian Science Journal. You can also look at our Additional Resources page.



Kim Yvonne open door welcome_edited.jpg
Yvonne Fitzwilliams
Director of Christian Science Nursing
972-643-3527  /

Prayers, in which God is not asked to heal but is besought to take the patient to Himself, do not benefit the sick. An ill-tempered, complaining, or deceitful person should not be a nurse. The nurse should be cheerful, orderly, punctual, patient, full of faith, — receptive to Truth and Love.


Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures p.395

Respite Care

The Leaves also offers In-patient respite care to those who are usually nursed in their homes by family members, by friends, fellow church members, or private duty Christian Science nurses. Respite care is available at The Leaves for a few days, a few weeks, or occasionally, for a month or two at regular rates for in-patient Christian Science nursing care. Respite care is designed to serve the needs both of those giving care and those to whom care is given.


For Inpatient admission – Please call 469-417-8990

Other Resources

Equipment Loans

The Leaves often loans equipment on a temporary basis such as:

  • Wheelchairs

  • Walkers

  • Crutches

  • Portable commodes

  • Shower chairs

We are happy to help with such temporary needs once the need has been assessed by our Christian Science nursing staff.


To schedule an assessment from a Christian Science nurse, please call 469-417-8990.


Wondering where to go once you get here?
Map of where to go The Leaves property.png

As shown in the map above, we have different entrances for different activities.

  • If you are a Creekside resident, or visiting a Creekside resident, you will turn left at the circle with the big tree and enter in the front doors by the Business Office. The Creekside office is marked by the blue star on the map.

  • If you are dropping off a Christian Science nursing patient, you can either enter through the front "Christian Science Nursing visitor entrance" or drive around back to the "Christian Science Nursing patient drop-off" entrance (in green above). The latter entrance is better suited for ambulances, wheelchair access, or when unloading larger items from a car. 


It is important that you notify us before showing up. Please call 972-231-4864 before arriving.


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