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Healed of stroke symptoms

A few months back, I seemed to have a stroke. Just two weeks ago, I seemed to have a reoccurrence of the problem. A co-worker helped me get into work. Two Christian Science nurses helped me to a room for care.

I don’t normally study Christian Science, but I started to work with a Christian Science practitioner when this challenge occurred. She told me that God is in control and because I reflect God, I get to command my thought. The Christian Science practitioner said to “Put all your worries in God’s hands.” So, I did, and I started feeling better.

The Christian Science nurses kept reminding me of the Christian Science practitioner’s message; that I control my body because God gave me that right and He is the source of all movement and function.

So with that in mind, I got up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom and I was able to get there by myself. I was a bit shaky but felt a lot better than I had been. This was a turning point of progress, which has been steady ever since and I’m now able to be back at work.

The Christian Science nurses gave me lots to read and study and I am inspired to learn how I was healed. I’m grateful for the power of prayer, The Leaves and these kind co-workers who supported me during this experience.

- staff member at The Leaves

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