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My Son's Healing

Updated: Apr 1

“A little while ago, my young son had a deep cut on his toe. He seemed to be very alarmed by the blood and was afraid. Other family members were around and offered their support both physically and prayerfully. My son was getting even more worked up and one of the family members reminded him that we've seen so many healings in this family, and to notice that God is already here. She then suggested that we say the Scientific Statement of Being by Mrs. Eddy from the textbook out loud together. This helped each of us to calm and center thought on God.

I was praying and focusing on my son's spiritual origin/conception. I felt no fear. My son asked to go to our local Christian Science nursing facility, The Leaves, where we could get proper bandaging for the foot, and that seemed like a good idea. I also called a Christian Science practitioner who immediately agreed to start giving prayerful treatment.

When we got to The Leaves, the Christian Science nurses didn't ask us to rehearse the mortal history but, instead, they focused on calmly and skillfully cleansing and bandaging the area. We could just feel the love that they poured in.

I felt like we were being welcomed and cared for by family; there was such an atmosphere of spiritual witnessing, holy comfort, and tender love.

At home we kept prayerfully working, and also spent some precious time together as a family sharing meals, playing games, laughing, and expressing joy. One of the Christian Science nurses came to our house and cleansed and bandaged the toe again the next day. By the third day, the cut had closed up. My son joyfully went back to school and exclaimed to his teacher and the other kids, "Miracles happen at our house! God stitched it up!" and pulled off his sock and shoe to show the proof of his completely healed toe.

I was prayerfully giving gratitude to God for this healing, when God said to me, "This moment will be so solid in this boy’s thought that he'll look back and rely on it for the rest of his life." I know deep in my heart that this moment here is a victory. This moment here is Christian Science in action. Not only was this a healing victory for my son, but for all of us who were part of this demonstration and I'm grateful to The Leaves for their love and care of my son.

-a grateful Dallas resident

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