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  • What does Christian Science nursing care at The Leaves provide?
    The Leaves provides a sanctuary where an individual's desire to rely solely on Christian Science for healing is supported by the spiritual reassurance and practical care given by Christian Science nurses.
  • What do Christian Science nurses do?
    To view what services a Christian Science nurse does and does not provide, see the Christian Science Nurse Scope of Services.
  • If I call a Christian Science nurse, what might others think?"
    First, the call to a Journal-listed Christian Science nurse or a call to a Christian Science care facility like The Leaves should be the result of the prayerful work of you and your practitioner. Family members or church members should recognize that a Christian Scientist does not ignore or neglect dealing with problems of any sort. If a visit to The Leaves is desired, the patient can be assured that all patient names and information associated with the services remain strictly confidential.
  • What if I can't afford to pay for care?
    Whether you are interested in care at home or care at The Leaves, please call and we can help you explore options and avenues for financial assistance. We are happy to work with you and your family as you make financial decisions. At the end of the day, The Leaves has never turned anyone away for financial reasons. Check out our Resources page to find additional help.
  • What if my house is a mess and I haven't been able to do housekeeping or laundry?
    That won't get in the way. We can work through anything. By the way, we've seen it all and we are not easily impressed. Our Christian Science nurses will do whatever is necessary around the home to provide the essential care. We will even make arrangements for cleaning services if that becomes necessary.
  • Will I be diagnosed if I come to The Leaves?
    Christian Science nurses do not diagnose. The Christian Science nurse bears witness to the true, spiritual nature of man through his or her thought and practical care, and we will support you and your Christian Science practitioner in working for a healing.
  • What if I haven't been able to attend church in a long time?
    Your heart's desire for growth in Christian Science and your work with your Christian Science practitioner are the elements that we support with our care. We will be the first in line to celebrate your return to church activity!
  • Isn't any kind of nursing medical?
    Christian Science nursing is provided for by Mary Baker Eddy in the Church Manual and requires, a "demonstrable knowledge of Christian Science practice", as well as "practical wisdom", and "proper care". It is certainly not medical, but is designed to offer the very best help available in support of spiritual healing.
  • If I live far away and need the services of a Christian Science nurse, would anyone visit with me?"
    First, please call so that we can help you with options that are available to you where you live. We may know of a Christian Science nurse who is available to travel. We may know of transportation options you may not have considered. At The Leaves, we are committed to serving a six-state region and will respond to any sincere Christian Science nursing request, regardless of the need, location, or ability to pay.
  • What could a Christian Science nurse do that my family member can't do?
    Often the Christian Science nurse has additional skills and experience that are helpful in providing care. Each Christian Science nurse has gone through many hours of specialized training and brings a fresh, impersonal, and objective spiritual perspective to the situation. The Christian Science nurse can also train family members in easier ways to provide needed care.

“ … we were gentle among you, even as a nurse cherisheth her children: … “


I Thessalonians 2:7

Medicare for Christian Scientists
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