Plans to Prosper

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The Leaves’ calling is to provide skilled Christian Science nursing to our community now and into the future. We've been making great strides of progress. We've tripled our patient count and quadrupled the number of Christian Science nurse training students. This fall, we’re expecting that our staff housing will be full for the first time in over 30 years. We are sharing this fruitage with you because we need your help to aid in sustaining this progress.


You can help support Christian Science nursing at The Leaves by donating towards our Plans to Prosper Campaign that is fashioned after Jeremiah 29:11. Your generosity will give The Leaves the means to plan for progress in the present and expected progress to come.


Our board has been actively praying about next steps. Ensuring that we’re supporting and caring for our community, residents, patients, and staff and their families is our highest priority. We have realized three areas where we need your help:


  1. Establishing and/or building additional staff housing. Staff housing is a draw for us to gain new Christian Science nurses ready and willing to work at The Leaves, and the more Christian Science nurses we can attract, the more patients we can help support.

  2. Establishing, building and/or renovating patient and resident rooms. We currently have bathrooms and tilework from the 1970’s and 80’s.  Patients need to be walked or wheeled through the hallway to a shower room in order to take a shower. We would like to update these spaces to help create a private and modern atmosphere.

  3. Establishing and building a 1500 sq. ft. childcare building onsite for staff. We have around 15 children, aged 12 and under, who would benefit from this - plus 2 individual staff members are currently expecting a child so more are on their way! 

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