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Plans to Prosper


Our 3-pronged approach to ensuring the future success of Christian Science Nursing at The Leaves.

"For I know the plans I have for you,' declares the Lord, 'plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." 

Jer. 29:11

Evidence of Growth

The Leaves’ calling is to provide skilled Christian Science nursing to our community now and into the future. We've been making great strides of progress. We've tripled our patient count and quadrupled the number of Christian Science nurse training students. Our staff housing is full for the first time in over 30 years.


We are sharing this fruitage with you because we need your help
to aid in sustaining this progress.


Plans to Prosper

You can help support Christian Science nursing at The Leaves by donating towards our Plans to Prosper Campaign that is fashioned after Jeremiah 29:11. Your generosity will give The Leaves the means to progress now and in the future.


Three-Pronged Approach

Our board has been actively praying about next steps. Ensuring that we’re supporting and caring for our patients, residents, staff and their families is our highest priority. We have realized three areas where we need your help:


  1. Project: Renovate Current Staff Housing & Create a Christian Science Nursing Training Classroom - reconstructing staff apartment patios, and putting in new windows, doors, and exterior siding for current staff apartments. Renovate The Lodge and keep four rooms w/ ensuites, demolish rotted overhang and make new roofline, put in new windows and doors and siding, put up a wall to separate bedrooms and kitchen area from family/childcare area and Christian Science nurses classroom and practical room. Concrete outside walkways and build an outdoor garden space with picnic tables and a grill area. - (approx. $1 million).

  2. Project: Build New 2 Story Staff Housing Apartments - 8 three bedroom, two bath 1115 sq ft apartments & 4 two bedroom, two bath 985 sq ft apartments (approx. $2 million).

  3. Project: New 2 Story Christian Science Nursing Facility - build a new 25,000 sq ft facility w/ 28 patient rooms, plus office and conference space on second floor (approx. $8 million). 


Thank you so much for your support and patience while we worked on getting accurate drawings and determining feasibility for The Leaves Plans to Prosper for the future. Using the $100,000 raised, we were able to initiate the planning process which includes:

  • storm sewer lines assessed & cleaned of debris

  • civil design for the site

  • as-built drawings for The Lodge

  • conceptual architectural design for childcare, staff housing, and facility possibilities.

Some results from these include:

  • No repairs are needed on the storm sewer lines! Woohoo!

  • New 2 story staff apartment conceptual drawings for 8 three bedroom, two bath and 4 two bed, two bath apartments.

  • New idea and as-built drawings schematic design for remodeling The Lodge (1 story staff housing by pool) and creating a community grill space. The Lodge would be remodeled to 4 bedrooms with ensuites and kitchen with one entrance and with another entrance for childcare/family room, infant room, & kitchenette and Christian Science nurses training classroom & practical room. 

  • Assessment from our contractor that current facilities contain asbestos and the abatement process for this would make it challenging for our budget and for us to continue operations while abiding by Texas laws.  Due to the age of the buildings and their mechanical systems, they recommend building new instead of renovating current spaces.

  • Conceptual design for a new 2 story facility with 28 rooms plus office and conference space on the second floor.


Again, our motive is to best support our Christian Science community for the future by finding proactive ways to meet the needs of those we serve.  The Leaves' board has unanimously approved moving forward with these necessary actions required to be a cornerstone for providing Christian Science nursing for many years to come. 


We hope you will consider being a part of this important work. 

Let’s Work Together

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Digital architectural rendering of staff community area.

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