Christian Science Nursing Services


Christian Science nursing care from The Leaves may be characterized as ranging from the highest skilled level to light or sheltered Christian Science nursing care.

  • Inpatient Christian Science Nursing, including respite care

  • Outpatient Christian Science Nursing for children and adult

  • Home Christian Science Nursing (including Mother/Infant Care)

Help us to help each other, Lord,

Each other's cross to bear;

Let each his friendly aid afford,

And feel his brother's care.


Christian Science Hymnal #105

Rest and Study

The Leaves offers a pleasant and peaceful setting for those seeking a spiritual retreat.

Progressive Residential Living

We provide full services for independent and supervised living including beautiful suites, group activities,meals and housekeeping as well as access to church service and quite study.

Christian Science Nurses Training

Christian Science nurses training at The Leaves is affiliated with the Chestnut Hill Benevolent Association based Christian Science Nursing Arts Program in Boston.

Community Outreach Programs

The Leaves offers many cultural, educational, and recreational activities. Join our mailing list to stay updated!