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The Leaves is offering a new round of workshops for 2024!

These workshops focus on caring for others and are designed to inform, inspire, and engage "sincere seekers" in an active ministry of Christian Science nursing.


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Schedule of Workshops

Stay tuned as we build out the schedule. It will develop as churches sign up to host. *All subject to change.

March 16 (Sat) - Kansas City, KS - Spiritual Dimension of Care (lunch provided)

March 23 (Sat) - Bakersfield, CA - Spiritual Dimension of Care (lunch provided)

June 29 (Sat) - Arlington, TX - Spiritual Dimension of Care (lunch provided)

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Workshop attendees from this past year shared positive feedback about how the workshop energized their church and helped every member see themselves as being the Good Samaritan, as actively expressing the qualities of a Christian Science nurse. This has resulted in a higher understanding of The Manual Bylaw for Christian Science Nurse, more vibrant Care Committees, and members that feel more cared for and loved. 

How could this workshop bless your healing practice? 

View & print the 2024 workshop flyer to distribute to your fellow Christian Science friends and branch church members.

Workshop Descriptions

Spiritual Dimension of Care (5.5 hrs)

If you're interested in healing, this workshop is for you. Learn how to think like a Christian Science nurse. Do you have to be a Christian Science nurse, or interested in becoming a Christian Science nurse to attend this (or any) workshop? No. It's the metaphysical foundation, the spiritual perspective of care, based on the Bible and Mrs. Eddy's writings. Come prepared for a day of deep thinking and prayerful uplift. During this workshop, we'll explore the spiritual foundation of Christian Science nursing based on Mrs. Eddy's writings including The Manual Bylaw and passages from the Bible. We'll dive deep into the ethics of Christian Science nursing as well as the qualities that are expressed. You might just find that you already express the qualities of a Christian Science nurse! 

Those who attended this workshop last year reported in their feedback that they felt this workshop was deeply inspiring and vitally important to their own practice, as well as how they view their role in church and as one who can meet the need of those in need of care.

  • Free

Care Committee (2 hrs)

Be the Good Samaritan. The Care Committee workshop is a great way to learn basic, practical skills to assist church friends. This is for anyone who wants to learn the basic skills of how to help others, and help grow a culture of caring at your church. Usher, care committees, reading room attendants, board members, etc. would all benefit from this workshop. It builds upon the Spiritual Dimension of Care workshop, so that the metaphysical foundation has been established. This is important so that these care ideas do not become merely physical activities, but instead are undergirded by spiritual truths that facilitate healing. Looking for extra resources? Check out

  • Ethics regarding care.

  • Gather ideas about communication, nourishment, and mobility.

  • Practicing helping an individual move safely and comfortably to/from a chair, church pew, or car.

  • Free

The Future of Christian Science Nursing at The Leaves (1 hr)

Are you curious? Are you interested in supporting this healing work so that it's here to care for you, your loved ones, and future generations? Hear about the latest happenings at The Leaves' and plans for ensuring the current and future success of Christian Science nursing at our facility. You'll learn about our initiatives, building projects, and ways you can help support the healing work. This short talk can be combined with other workshops.

  • Free

Medicare  (1 hr)

Anyone interested in learning how Christian Scientists fit into this system, and how to protect your rights and wishes. Learn the ins-and-outs of Medicare for Christian Scientists.

  • An explanation of the services offered by The Leaves and answers to questions about health care coverage (including Medicare) and insurance options.

This short talk can be combined with other workshops.

  • Free

These workshops are complementary and our gift to your church. 

Already planning to attend a scheduled workshop? RSVP today!

Past Workshops Recap & Fruitage

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