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Join us for our

2023 Annual Meeting

On Youtube October 14th

Working Together With One Purpose


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" likeminded, having the same love, being

of one accord, of one mind." (Phil. 2:2)

The Leaves Annual Meeting theme for 2023 is: 

“Working Together with One Purpose.”

This theme is inspired by Philippians 2:2 -
“be likeminded, having the same love, being of one accord, of one mind.” 

This loving work of building bridges and learning together directly confronts error’s lies of

competition, lack, stagnation, misconception, and disinterest, and replaces these with the reality of cooperation, abundance, progress, clarity, and engagement.

We see collaborative efforts such as this as an important step toward a future where Christian Science nursing is stronger than ever, and its members working together with one purpose – seeing humanity healed, united together in Love.

Join us on YouTube on Saturday, October 14th at 2:00pm CT for our Annual Meeting, focused on the theme stated above. Hear from The Leaves' Christian Science nurses and staff, as well as from our special guest speakers. We sincerely thank you for your unwavering support of The Leaves as we work together to fulfill our vision: Uniting in Love to rise higher in
Christian Science nursing.

Guest Speakers

  • Cindy Safronoff. Cindy has authored books (Crossing Swords and Dedication) and will speak about how churches have been formed in the Christian Science Movement in the past.

  • John Cochran III, CS. John works with the Community of Christian Caring working group (through The Principle Foundation) and will speak about what community looks like and how they're currently working to bring people together.

  • Patty Nuernberg. Patty, a Journal-listed Christian Science Nurse will speak about how her work is bringing people together and joining in with communities all over the world.

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Print the Annual Meeting postcard to hand out to your church membership.

Desk Announcement

Print out a Desk Announcement to be read in your church services & meetings.


The artwork used this year is a painting by Dallas artist and Leaves employee, Kayleigh Mayes Ebenrick ©2023. Artwork used by permission.
Kayleigh is a student of Christian Science and paints Biblical art.


You can see more of Kayleigh's work at:

Instagram: @prism_and_pearl_art 

Facebook: search: Kayleigh Mayes Ebenrick or

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